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Farm & Wild Animals Sustainable Palm Oil Experience

$70 per person

Walking through Finca La Bambú with approximately 65ha, an ecotourism farm which seeks to conserve and protect nature. A place that is developed in a sustainable way, using natural resources to meet the needs of animals, collecting water, taking advantage of solar energy and applying the principles of permaculture to improve the strategies of care, design and operation of the farm, so that everything works holistically with a high yield.

Farm animals such as chickens, goats, sheep, geese, donkeys, horses and cows will be observed. Likewise, we have water buffaloes that help us to collect the fruit from the oil palm, an experience to know one of the main economic activities of the region.

Around the world, palm oil plantations are known to be harmful to the environment. For the reason, that in Africa large numbers of trees were cut down and animals were killed to impose this crop, but in Costa Rica this was not the case. Most of the land was inherited from The United Fruit Company, an American company that traded primarily bananas, which entered into financial difficulties during the year 1970 and left the lands, where oil palm was later cultivated.

Our plantation is worth knowing, since we practice a consient crop, we do not use any chemical, we practice agroforestry, we give habit to many animals that feed on this crop and other herbs that grow in this type of ecosystem, among other practices, to make a difference and to be an example for the other plantations that practice this cultivation.


Naturalist guide, wagon ride pulled by buffalo & snack.

What to bring:

Cap, sun screen, insect repellent & comfortable walking clothes

2 hours
  • Departure Time
    09:00 am – 04:00 pm