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Monkey & Bird Watching

$50 per person

Walking on the banks of the Peje river, in Damas, 15km from Manuel Antonio National Park, along its riverbed, through the humid tropical forest, the farm and its animals, the oil palm plantations, the mangrove forest, until reaching the canals of Damas estuary. Forming a path with diversity of landscapes, to ensure the observation of a lot of the air fauna in its natural habitat.

The Damas estuary, tropical and mangrove forests have a wide variety of aquatic and terrestrial birds that can only be seen in these types of ecosystems, such as the great white & the bare-throated tiger heron, toucans, scarlet macaws, many species of hummingbirds, among others. We also have an open-air butterfly garden for the observation and reproduction of many butterflies in our environment.

In addition, we take advantage to observe the white-faced monkey (Capuchin monkey) in their habitat natural, adapting to various types of forests, consuming many types of food including fruits, different vegetables, invertebrates and small vertebrates. Native to the forests of Central America and the northwestern part of South America and very valuable for its role as a seed and pollen disperser. They are almost completely black, but they have pink faces and white hair in the front of their body, that’s why there are called white-faced monkey.


Naturalist guide & snack.

What to bring:

Cap, sun screen, insect repellent & comfortable walking clothes.

2 hours
  • Departure Time
    09:00 am – 04:00 pm