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About Us

Nacarcosta Wildlife Adventure in Costa Rica

We are an ecotouristic farm that seeks to conserve and protect nature, by promoting a cultural & environmental exchange among adventure tourism, local communities, agricultural activities and diversity of natural ecosystems.

Our schedules are from 8am to 4pm, we are located in Finca La Bambú, 15km from Manuel Antonio National Park and 7km from Quepos village.

Our Story

Nacarcosta, is a family business, its name represents the essence of our family. In Spanish, the ‘Nácar’, nacre in English, also known as mother of pearl, is a biomineral very precious that we find in the coast. For this reason, we aspire to evolve a place that enriches and contributes to positive change in Costa Rica and a role model for the tourism sector, with the purpose that with all the actors involved a pearl is formed, with the ‘Nacre of the Coast’.

We offer

Water, Air and Earth experiences

We offer 3 types of experiences with natural elements, Water, Air and Earth. Kayaking through mangrove forest & canals, hiking trails for observation of the fauna in its natural habitat, through tropical wet forests, mangrove and oil palm plantations. A place to exercise, learn and relax with nature.

Tours | Experiences with the natural elements

Our goal

Water, Air and Earth experiences

To inspire and empower both local and visiting travelers to live a life connected to the natural world.


Water, Air and Earth experiences

The mission consists of the construction of an ecotourism development plan, socially equitable, personally responsible and collectively in solidarity with nearby communities, promoting connections, energy exchanges, awareness, and quality of life with nature.

Our vision

Water, Air and Earth experiences

Frames a philosophical position to develop economic, social and environmental solutions. Based on a collaborative, methodology among all its actors and activities. Grouping globally and acting locally, where there is a, cultural exchange in a society thrives to develop sustainably.

A place to exercise, learn and relax with nature

What we do

We raise free range animals

In our farm we raise, chickens, goats, sheep, geese, donkeys, horses, cows & buffaloes in a sustainable way. Using the principles of permaculture.

We practice Agroforestry

Land use management system in which trees are grown in agricultural landscapes. Providing food to animals, protecting the edges of rivers and canals, increasing oxygen production, sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, creating a barrier to coastal flooding & expanding the biodiversity of the tropical wet ecosystem.

We grow organic food, herbs and flowers

We make our own compost, some of what we grow includes, coconuts, bananas, passion fruit, sugarcane, corn, medicinal plants & tropical flowers.

We grow sustainable palm oil

We are sustainable producers of palm oil, the oil coming from this farm can be marketed as oil RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil)

We promote environmental education

Part of our conservation initiative is to incentivize environmental awareness to local and foreign tourists who visit us. For this reason, our facilities promote environmental education through informational labeling along the trails, teaching practices of good land use, making composting, recycling, agroforesting, reforesting our tropical forest, protecting the soil, building sustainably and participating with promoters of sustainable development in Costa Rica, as we have done with schools in our community

We preserve endangered species

We sow plants species in danger of extinction, in addition to edible forests to provide food for the animals that are threatened by the changes that you submit the planet earth.

We use natural resources in a sustainable way

We collect water for our supply, use the sun to produce electrical energy, and build with materials from our environment without compromising the ecosystem balance at any time

We build with natural materials

Natalia, the architect of the project. Promotes a tropical sustainable landscaping and architecture, using flora and materials that we can easily obtain from our environment, native of our region. Building a mimetic architecture and according to the landscape.

The wood, bamboo and palm used, for example, come from our farm or from local farms to generate community. The material that is extracted from nature, is reforested to maintain the systemic eco balance.

The vision, consisting of designing sensitive, living and interactive spaces, that respect the cultural legacy of construction of our ancestors, social diversity, supplying the needs of the human being, promoting new concepts of sustainability based on the rational and balanced use of the natural resources of our tropical region.